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Relationships between superheroes are always a little controversial. Whether they’re ones of romance, friendship, rivalry or all of the above, there’s often disagreement over how much superheroes should need each other, not to mention any discrepancy in storylines Still, there’s just no denying the chemistry between Batman and Wonder Woman. As two of DC’s most enduring superheroes, the two have been through a lot together across their recent live-action film appearances, popular animated TV shows and of course through all of their comic illustrated glory. On the surface, they may seem like total opposites; Wonder Woman is a half-god warrior who fights for truth, peace, and love while the brooding Batman is a mortal with tons of gadgets and the occasional penchant for revenge. Still, the two heroes both have a strong sense of justice and an affinity for… flirtation? Sure, Wonder Woman and Batman— or shall we say, Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne—may have other longtime love interests and associates, but the world of superheroes has never been one restricted by rules. This was a time when women in pop culture could not necessarily do things by themselves without the help of a man, and if they were going to do anything by themselves, it was going to be for a man. Spoiler alert: as Batman hunts down Copperhead and gets to be the strong masculine hero that he is, Wonder Woman and Batgirl get to help out by having a pretend catfight over Batman’s love because that’s how a powerful, half-goddess woman can most effectively fight crime all over the city. Almost every superhero has one enduring romantic interest that is above all the others. Superman has Lois Lane.

If Batman and Wonderwoman got together

Shall we ship WonderBat as some like to call them? Why not finally push for this relationship to happen? WonderBat is hardly a new idea. Do you recall the dance they share? Perhaps you remember when they made out to escape the Thanagarians.

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Ever since they crossed paths in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Batman have engaged in a flirtatious game of cat-and-mouse. Quite frankly, you can cut the sizzling onscreen tension with a knife. Warner Bros. Upon spotting Diana, before knowing anything about her at all, the Caped Crusader was deeply intrigued. His curiosity only deepened after she unveiled her superpowers — and even moreso when he discovered a photograph of her, unchanged from World War II.

They first connected over a counterfeit sword , but the two truly unite after the death of Clark Kent. Gadot spoke with US Weekly about their connection. They also understand the hope Superman stood for, that was lost [when he died], so they feel that more than the others. Wonder Woman will have changed in Justice League. He has to open up and play well with others.

He knows he needs them.

Is wonder woman dating batman or superman

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Comics Justice League, Since: Founder: Jekary – Stories: – Followers: 0 – Staff: 11 – id: Also contains good fics that center on just Wonder Woman or Batman. Never the End by GalaxyD reviews Almost a century in the future, Bruce demands to know why he’s still alive. Sorry about the summary, it’s been a long time

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Wonder Woman notices some loving couples coming out of a nearby club]. Wonder Woman: Yes, but it’s just a job to you. I’m talking about going down there and having some fun. Wonder Woman: No. No dating for the Batman. It might cut into your brooding time. Batman: One: Dating within the team always leads to disaster. Two: You’re a princess from a society of immortal warriors.

I’m a rich kid with issues And three: If my enemies knew I had someone special, they wouldn’t rest until they’d gotten to me through her.

Susan Eisenberg: Wonder Woman, Princess Diana

This Joker is Arthur Fleck played by Joaquin Phoenix and the movie is a character study about how a failed stand-up injustice becomes the Clown Prince of Crime. That’s what was interesting to me. We’re not even doing Joker, but the fanfic of becoming Joker. Joker premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, which bodes still for an awards season catchphrase in Should it earn Warner Bros.

Filmmakers gave ‘Wonder Woman’ a perfect boyfriend, but did she need making her no different from Iron Man, Captain America or Batman.

Wonder Woman sure hangs out with that Steve Trevor guy a lot. It makes sense, what with him having been literally the first man she ever saw. Settle in, because this is going to get a little weird. Kasia and Mala aren’t the same character, but there’s no real difference between them and they serve the same exact function in Diana’s life, so they’re going to share an entry. Mala was around when Diana first discovered Steve Trevor on the beaches of Paradise Island, and right away, she was not even one little bit interested.

Kasia, on the other hand, made her first appearance in the recent Rucka relaunch of Wonder Woman, but played the same role as Mala. The best thing for both of them would be to forget about Diana by dating On the other hand, jeez, Diana! These two completely interchangeable characters really loved you! If there’s one thing I know as a truth, it’s that not many DC characters made it out of the Silver Age without dating a merperson.

‘Justice League’: What’s Going on Between Wonder Woman and Batman?

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Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot has been indeed lying low, her heroics limited to private acts following the death of her lover Steve Trevor, as depicted in the first “Wonder Woman” film earlier this year. But by keeping her head down, Wayne argues, Wonder Woman has shunned her duty as well. Wonder Woman is supposed to be a beacon, not simply an extension of the fire department. She’s supposed to inspire citizens to be better. Batman’s right. Wonder Woman, as originally conceived by her creator William Marston, was designed to be an icon of empowerment.

Batman & Wonder Woman

Just in case you were too busy enjoying this summer’s blockbuster movies to remember that there will even more coming next year, good news: Warner Bros. Superman stills to prepare you for their superhero mash-up. While there’s lots of intriguing stuff to see in the photos — including the new Bat Signal, what appears to be Superman celebrating Halloween, and a very un -bald Lex Luthor — the picture that has been garnering the most attention is one of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince in a suggestively sensual pose.

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General Steven Rockwell Trevor is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics , commonly in association with the superheroine Wonder Woman. The character has appeared in various adaptations of the comics. Pine will return to portray the character in Wonder Woman He also developed a close relationship with the heroine. Though a military man with experience in the field, storylines involving post-Marston Steve and Wonder Woman also involved Wonder Woman coming to Steve’s rescue, as well as vice versa.

In a WW letter column in issue , artist Mike Sekowsky explained, “Steve Trevor was dull and boring and I didn’t like him much, so I disposed of him. Steve’s visibility in comics varied through the s to the s, with his character either absent or sidelined in favour of fantasy and action-adventure Wonder Woman stories without romantic interests. In more recent portrayals, and particularly since DC’s reboot , Steve is portrayed as a senior government agent and super spy whose close connection to Wonder Woman makes him the United States’ liaison to the Justice League.

In , in his capacity as a skilled government agent, Steve himself became the member of a new incarnation of the Justice League of America. The character was designed to be a complement to Wonder Woman ‘s character. Chris Pine described Trevor as a “rogue-ish, cynical realist who’s seen the awful brutish nature of modern civilization” and added he is a “worldly guy, a charming guy”.

Steve Trevor holds the distinction of being the first foreigner to have ever set foot on Themyscira , the first man Diana has ever seen, and the first ambassador to open diplomatic relations with the Amazons. Trevor, Superman and Batman are the only men in the DC Universe to be granted honorary citizenship by Queen Hippolyta ; an extraordinary feat, given that Aphrodite’s Law demands the death penalty for any man who sets foot on Themyscira. He is often a primary love interest ; their relationship was often flirtatious, yet they always remained steadfast friends.

The Many Loves of Wonder Woman: A Brief History Of The Amazing Amazon’s Love Life

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I was just thinking if batman and wonder woman got together and had say a son would it not be the ultimate hero wonder womans powers and batmans skill and intelligence what do you guys think. I don’t think thats guaranteed. BlackWind : well i havent been reading WW but it doesnt sounds like Orion and her got off on the right foot either.

Who’s next? People just want WonderBat because it’ll make Bruce look so much cooler to have sexed the unattainable. I never seen an Elseworld where that kid goes bad. I have seen one at least where he has a kid with Lois and he goes psycho. Still doesn’t strike me as a particularly bright idea though especially not with nutjobs like Batman and Amanda Waller running around. That their children go bad. It was hinted that Superman and Wonder Woman’s romance will destory the world so that could be it.

WW and Bat ‘s own son or daughter would be very special Batman and wonder woman are horrible as a couple.

What even diehard fans don’t know about Wonder Woman’s love life

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Wonder Woman and Superman have long seemed like they’d make a happen match they both dating blue eyes and blue-black hair, they’re the superheroes with similar powers, they wear matching costumes. But maybe they look a little too much alike to work?

In any case, since one or both of them are usually romantically entangled elsewhere, any dalliances between Superman and Wonder Woman have been very brief and batman in their pasts or in alternate timelines where Lois Lane is dead.

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Wonder Woman and Superman have long seemed like they’d make a nice match they both have blue eyes and blue-black hair, they’re both superheroes with similar powers, they wear matching costumes. But maybe they look a little too much alike to work? In any case, since one or both of them are usually romantically entangled elsewhere, any dalliances between Superman and Wonder Woman have been very brief and occurred in their pasts or in alternate timelines where Lois Lane is dead.

In official DC canon, however, Superman and Wonder Woman have always remained just really good friends that is, until this October’s Justice League 12, in which Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will see the two heroes begin what’s promised to be a substantive relationship. Following our exploration of some of Superman’s former flames , it’s time to check out the Amazing Amazon’s past dance cards. Sadly, Mr. Monster, seen about to walk down the aisle with Diana in the artwork to the right, doesn’t make the list but I bet you wish he did just so you would know what the heck is happening in that comic that’s how effective Silver Age DC covers were!

Is A Wonder Woman/Batman Romance Brewing?

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Elena Nicolaou. Not only would there be sexual tension in Justice League between Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Batman — the dynamic had been deliberately heightened in reshoots with Whedon. I wondered why I, of all people, was flaring up at the idea of two fictional superheroes and grown adults! With this comment, all Affleck did was guarantee that Justice League would have at least a little of one of my favorite movie ingredients — sexual tension.

Superman wants to arrest Batman while Wonder Woman wants to kill him. It’s implied the two have romantic feelings for one another, but the issue over what to​.

Batman and Wonder Woman. Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. This has been a relationship a n number of fans have wanted to be canon for a long time now. It’s most definitely not a thing in the two characters’ solo comics , or the video games, though it is up in the air for the movies. Before Kong Kenan showed up as the Chinese Man of Steel, it fell to Baixi and Deilan to defend their nation, and they did so quite well. Given that they worked so well together, the two of them would eventually develop a romantic interest in one another.

He took her to meet his family during the team’s downtime, and the two of them finally admitted their feelings with a kiss while she was part snake, much to Kenan’s digust.

Batman and Wonder Woman kiss